Locally sourced, quality coffee

At Anna’s we serve quality coffee provided by the excellent Cockermouth-based Carvetii.

Carvetii are experts at sourcing the best beans available. They make the most of seasonal harvests around the world and combine their exceptional roasting skills to create a fine balanced coffee.

With our suppliers roasting twice a week, expect the freshest and best coffee served every day at Anna’s in Whitehaven.


Our serving staff have been specially trained to become expert baristas and we’re confident we’ll serve you your perfect cup of coffee.



Seasonal Espresso Blend

Origin: This espresso blend is a 60:40 split between Brazil and Costa Rica.

Fazenda Capim Branco is a farm in the Cerrado Mineiro region of Brazil. The soils are volcanic, providing the ideal growing conditions for the yellow catuaí varietal.

Hacienda Sonora is a farm located in the West Valley region of Costa Rica. This particular lot is a yellow honey processed coffee, a method which requires a lot more work and care than the traditional fully washed method.

Taste: Bright and fruity notes,with flavours of blueberry and vanilla with hints of milk chocolate.



Finca Nueva Linda Decaf

Origin: La Concordia in Mexico

Finca Nueva Linda began its life as a coffee farm in 1973. The farm occupies 638 hectares of extraordinary coffee growing land in a deep forest right next to Chiapas, Mexico’s El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve.

Taste: The aroma of the grounds is of butter toffee and in the cup you can expect flavours of caramelised orange, and butterscotch, with a coating mouthfeel to finish it off.